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The Essential Virtual Experience



Peer-to-Peer Connections

Also, during Week 2, join your peers to share perspectives on timely industry topics. The discussions within the Peer-to-Peer Connections are geared towards creating a community of dialogue on emergent ideas that can provide fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. Gaining insight on how fellow industry professionals are tackling hot button issues can make all the difference in how you navigate your business as you explore various options and potential paths forward. This forum is opened to all interested participants.

How will the Peer-to-Peer Connections be delivered?

The discussions on timely industry topics will be led by a facilitator to generate an exchange of ideas among participants, each of whom bring their own perspectives to the discussion.

These forums are unique among the other opportunities during the virtual NIC Fall Conference, as participants will share respective perspectives while connecting with fellow participants to give shape and color on the discussion topic.

Participation in Peer-to-Peer Connection groups will allow attendees to:

  • raise awareness about a topic or issue
  • provide alternative approaches to addressing an issue
  • learn through shared experiences
  • encourage developing a new network of peers and prospective resources
  • continue relevant discussions in the future
  • connect and build alliances with others in the industry

Peer-to-Peer Connection Topics

  • senior living in a post COVID-19 world
  • residents social isolation and loneliness
  • middle market
  • staffing challenges
  • workplace culture
  • effectively opening communities
  • capital expenditure structures and COVID, have they changed?
  • what’s the investment case for seniors housing since COVID
  • active adult
  • the evolving needs of architecture and design
  • social inequity and its impact on the industry