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Dhaval Patel

CEO | Lotus Labs

Dhaval Patel

Dhaval Patel, formerly a division leader at Apple for iPhone, Watch & Airpods, is the founder of Lotus. With 37 patents in sensing & haptics, Dhaval is an accredited “Individual of Extraordinary Ability” by the US government. An inductee in Georgia Tech’s Honors program, Dhaval graduated as part of the Dean’s List with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, two minors in Aerospace and Finance, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Over a decade in Silicon Valley, Dhaval has architected, manufactured & launched the world’s first-ever Haptic Trackpad on the Macbook, Force sensing on the iPhone, Health sensing on the Apple Watch, Wireless Power on Airpods, and even future (unreleased) technology on the iPad.

His mission at Lotus is to build technology that helps persons with disability, seniors & veterans.