During these unprecedented times, our deepest concerns go out to those directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and those on the frontline keeping residents of seniors housing and skilled nursing communities safe.

We’ve launched numerous initiatives to speed the delivery of quality data and information to facilitate problem-solving and decision making across the industry.


Starting October 6, 2020

The Essential Virtual Experience

Why Attend

Despite all the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, there lies significant opportunity. The launch of the NIC Community Connector™ offers a unique and powerful opportunity for attendees of the 2020 NIC Fall Conference to deliver real capital, real connections, and real deals – and to do so through the end of this year at no additional cost.

In a newly virtual world, the 2020 NIC Fall Conference remains the most effective, efficient place for leaders in the industry to convene, gain data-driven insights and real-world solutions to disruptions facing the sector, their businesses and aging Americans.

Convenient, on-demand access, and lower cost, introduces the possibility that many more team members within a given organization can participate without heavily reducing operations and productivity.

“It’s learning something new every time and keeping up with the latest trends.”
Kyle Stiff
SmartStop Asset Management

Managing Margins – insights on operational strategies, property operations and management. (MM)

Realizing Returns – insights on capital markets, property investments and capital flow. (RR)