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Hanh Brown

Founder and CEO | ThinkA16 and TheAging

Hanh Brown

Mrs. Brown, the visionary Founder and CEO of ThinkAI6 and TheAging, is revolutionizing how AI interfaces with aging. Her mission focuses on deploying adaptable AI that scales across businesses, transforming the lives of older adults. She advocates for businesses to transition from mere AI users to AI value creators, utilizing their data, developing unique digital ecosystems, and maintaining system transparency.

Her ambition extends to reframing our perspective of aging. Through technology, Mrs. Brown designs bespoke solutions that not only accommodate the needs of the elderly but also celebrate their stage of life. She’s cultivating an environment where aging is viewed positively and cherished.

At inOneApp, under Mrs. Brown’s leadership, digital operations are reshaped through the integration of AI, automation, and language models like ChatGPT. The platform facilitates business growth and operational efficiency, setting new standards in the digital era. Open for collaboration, inOneApp aims to influence the future of digital operations with other forward-thinking entities.

Additionally, Mrs. Brown directs Boomer Living Broadcast, a platform committed to addressing older adults’ issues. Its team, including caregivers, technologists, and doctors, aims to foster a community where aging is respected and celebrated. Their objective is to make aging a fulfilling life stage.