Starting September 23, 2024

Washington, D.C.

Let Your Network Know

Promotional Kit

Speakers at the 2023 NIC Fall Conference will be a part of the most efficient three days of networking in the senior housing space. Operators, Developers, and equity seekers will meet with capital and equity providers in Chicago to get deals done. But the networking starts even before October 23, the work to develop connections can start now.

Let your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter network know you’ll be speaking ‘the NIC’ from October 23-25 2023. We have supplied some examples of promotional language for all joining us this fall.

The Promotional Kit includes the following:

  • Sample LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter posts
  • Social sharing images
  • Designated hashtags for the event


Promotional Kit – speakers


The image below can be saved and used on social. Please include #NICFall23 with your posts.


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