Starting September 23, 2024

Washington, D.C.


Jessica C, Dudley, MD

Chief Clinical Officer | Press Ganey

Jessica C, Dudley, MD

As Press Ganey’s Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Jessica C. Dudley is responsible for leading efforts to support organizations in increasing clinician engagement, workforce well-being, and improving patient care outcomes, particularly among physicians. Her areas of expertise include leadership development, clinical care redesign through outstanding teamwork, addressing clinician burnout, and advancing professional fulfillment,

Prior to joining Press Ganey, Dr. Dudley was Chief Medical Officer at the Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization, where she was responsible for the strategic development and oversight of physician-led efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical care. Dr. Dudley led the organization’s overall well-being efforts to address burnout and improve professional fulfillment for more than 1,700 physicians, and she participated in systemwide efforts supporting more than 5,000 physicians and 2,000 trainees. She also developed multiple training programs to advance the development of physician leadership skills and clinical performance, and she created a clinician incubator program to increase front-line clinicians’ engagement in identifying opportunities to redesign care to deliver improved outcomes and quality and reduce overall health care costs.

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